Works like a Champ! Well-made product, which you don’t find very often anymore.

- Eric J. - Kentucky

We purchased a Hitch Hugger for our Ram pickup about 3 years ago. This is the best product we have ever used for stopping the slop and slamming from the trailer.

- Sheri S. - California

Works perfect. Awesome product.

- Hunter S. - Arizona

Kudos on a fine product! Second one that I have ordered. Nice not hearing the chickadee clacking!

- Walt M. – West Virginia

Fits my Grand Cherokee Summit that I have perfectly! This has got to be the best invention ever!

- Ben R. – South Dakota

Received my Hitch Hugger and it works great! Awesome product.

- Dano H. – Toronto, Canada

We have about 1000 miles on your Hitch Hugger and it is amazing. Just don’t have the noise – Period.

- Jeb B. – Utah

Works fine and removed all the slop in the receiver and hitch ball. Thanks for producing a great product!

- Bob D. – Connecticut